Friday, January 20, 2012

Mad Men Makeup Swoon

For those of you who know me (or follow me on Twitter, ha!) you've probably heard that i'm kinda obsessed with the show Mad Men. I know, i'm kinda late on the train but i'm almost caught up to present day (season 4) and can't wait until it comes back on TV in March! Anyway, besides the show being generally kick ass, I cannot get enough of the late 50's/early 60's makeup, hair and clothing. The women are so elegant, sexy and put together. They make a red lip and up-do so wearable and pretty for daytime. It has absolutely been inspiring my own personal makeup choices lately! Below are a few of my favorite hair and makeup looks from the show, enjoy =)

Betty Draper in Rome

This look just blew me away. I actually took a photo of the TV with my phone, just in case I wasn't able to find the photo online. The hair is I wish I could wear my hair like this to dinner without looking like a complete idiot. The makeup is sexy but pretty simple, which works with the hair. And of course I love the jewelry as well, I have a necklace just like it!

Jane Sterling

Formally an office secretary, she married one of the bosses at the big time advertising agency where they all work...not too shabby. Her look is generally...well, expensive. I'm not so sure that i'm a big fan of the hats. Maybe if I was going to the Kentucky Derby or something i'd try to rally, but not for every day life. She has gorgeous eyes, so keeping her eye makeup simple really brings them out. The lipstick isn't great, but it's not terrible either.

Joan Holloway

I don't think there is a more gorgeous human being on Earth than Joan Holloway on Men Men. She is just perfect. The sexy up-do really compliments her bone structure, and who can miss that fiery red hair and perfectly pouty lips? Safe to say that my boyfriend and I have a crush. I love the high wasted skirts they put on her, I favor that look a lot myself! It really suits her curvy body, although i'm not completely convinced she can ever look bad.

Betty Draper - Horseback Riding

The pulled back hair and perfect red lip make this day time look really sexy and wearable. It doesn't look over done or like she's trying to hard. It just looks...right. Betty's character often wears very minimal eye makeup with just a touch of mascara. Makes sense because her eyes are awesome too, why hide them? =)

Trudy Campbell

Even though I find her insufferable on the show, she does look beautiful here. The feathery/curly/full hair is just to lavish and sophisticated looking. And there's that red lip again. You can't go wrong with a red lip on this show!

Joan Holloway

Yes, one photo of Joan wouldn't surfice. Her hair is mostly in an up-do, so this hairstyle look me by surprise. It's kind of flirty and fun but still work appropriate for the 50's. I'm in love with the rose colored lipstick on her, especially with the pink dress.

Oh, and then there's Don Draper. Clearly not mad about having to look at him every episode.

Fedoras, drinking and smoking at work, and being an advertising genius make Don the coolest character ever.

What's your favorite look dolls? =)


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