Friday, January 13, 2012

Eye Lash Care - 5 Second Rule

OK so the "5 second rule" for eyelash care has nothing to do with me feeling up mannequin, I just thought it was funny (this was a few years ago at a tattoo convention in NYC!)

Anyway, so the 5 second rule. Someone very wise once gave me these two pieces of very valuable information, and I use them both each day. It may be a big DUH to some of you - if so i'm sorry - but to others it just MAY change your makeup life.

5 Second Rule Part 1 - Eyelash Curling
Instead of pumping your eyelash curler 7,000 times and potentially breaking off some of them, just do it once. Hold the eyelash curler at the base of the lashes tightly for 5 seconds. Your lashes will stand straight UP and make your eyes look really big and awesome. It made a huge difference for me!

5 Second Rule Part 2 - Eye Makeup Removal
Everyone has been there - you spend forever on your makeup perfecting a smokey eye using 100 eyeshadows, an eye liner, sparkles, mascara etc. So it comes time at the end of the night when you have to take all of your makeup off - UGH! OK, so the plan of attack ISN'T to take makeup remover and scrub your eyeball until it's irritated and red. Using a cotton pad and some makeup remover, hold the pad on your eyelid for 5 seconds. That gives the remover a little time to loosen up all the crap you put on your eye and it comes off MUCH easier. Then, remove the excess by gently wiping it off with the other side of the cotton pad.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm counting down the minutes until it's time to go to happy hour tonight! =)


  1. Great tips! The 5 second rule for eye make removal changed my life ;) I love that pic of you and I NEED that mannequin in my livingroom.

  2. that makes me smile! so glad to hear it worked well for you, it changed my life too! I know, I was pretty close to stealing that mannequin and casually walking out with it haha =)


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