Friday, January 6, 2012

Digging Dark Lips...

Gareth Pugh for MAC

Limited edition pearl-infused lipglass in Outrage

Daphne for MAC

Limited edition Pro longwear lip creme in Approaching Storm

The above photos are from two limited edition programs that MAC has on counter now - the first is Gareth Pugh for MAC, and the second is my personal obsession Daphne Guinness for MAC. I totally DIG both of these intense lip colors! They are so fierce, but I fear that i'll look like a freakin vampire if I try to wear these. I would absolutely tone down everything else - probably just wear a touch of mascara - but it's still intimidating! I guess I have to just get over the fear and take the plunge, a lot like when I was afraid of super bright lips or red lipstick. Without a doubt it would be a nighttime bar or dinner look!

What do you guys think? Too vampy or awesome?


  1. I've been thinking about the same thing for almost 2 weeks now!
    I really like MAC's Smoked Purple lipstick but I'm terrified of looking like a goth gone.. wrong or vampire.

  2. same here!! I think i'd be more tempted to do dark lips if I wasn't so PALE right now. I think it'll look that much a corpse or something lol

  3. That lipstick in "Approaching Storm" looks amazing! :)


  4. I love them! You should totally go for it I think blondes suit dark lips :) xo

  5. @Belle - it's such a cool color right!? I want iiiittt

    @Forever - thanks love! If I do dark lips i'll post it, of course =)

  6. Awesome. Wear it with confidence and you will pull it off like nobody's biz ;)

  7. thank you love! maybe I just need a little push! =)

  8. me too Jessica! I have to go to the MAC store and see how they look on me =)


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