Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Capricorns Care - Quote of the Day

"Capricorns test the loyalty of those who care about them. They need to feel loved, wanted and needed. A Capricorn won't let on that they crave these things . They often mask their vulnerability with sarcasm and humor. Once you get past a Capricorn's tough exterior you find a caring, loving person."

Grandma and me on our joint birthday dinner
Me: Jan. 10, Grandma: Jan. 14


  1. Aww what a cute picture :)

    This is an awesome post. I love that you combined your usual 'quote of the day' with your star sign/a picture of you on your birthday.
    Your posts are always so creative so it's not like I'm surprised or anything ;D

  2. Aww thank you Nora that is SO sweet! Glad you guys enjoy reading, makes me happy!! =)


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