Friday, December 9, 2011

You Need This.

Yes, you. I don't care what concealer you currently use. You need THIS ONE now. My mother (beauty guru extraordinaire in my book) recommended it to me. I was a little iffy because it says Instant Age Rewind, but gave it a whirl anyhow. It is honestly the best concealer I've ever used.

I have oily skin, so concealers tend to crease under my eyes as the day goes on. This one stays put perfectly. The little brush erases any dark circles or lines under eyes. You know those cool erasers you had as a kid that you brought to school and compared them with your friends? (or was that just me....) This concealer is like a mini eraser for your face. It also eliminates having to carry around a concealer brush, and blends perfectly without having to use your fingers for creases.

You can also use it for other imperfections on your face. I used to use Benefit's Erase Paste for my face and MAC Studio Finish concealer under my eyes. This has replaced them both. Plus it's way cheaper.

Anyone else try it? I'm done raving now ha =)


  1. sold too!!!! Im planning to get the founation too now.... I need a good foundation for my oily skin- the neutrogena broke me out :(( what do u use?

  2. I too like this. I need to try the foundation

  3. I've see this reviewed on a couple of blogs but being a bit of a germaphobe, that sponge applicator kinda scares me! Is it washable..? I really wanna try it out!

  4. it seems to be very good but I think it would be too dark for me :(

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  5. @Nora - Hope you like it!

    @Eve - I love the concealer, and just bought the foundation too! I haven't used it yet so i'll keep you guys posted!

    @Hunter - me too! I hope the foundation is just as good

    @WitchHazel - totally a fair point. I don't see why not...a little soap and water should be perfectly OK!

    @Caise - they have a ton of different shades! my aunt is very light skinned and she found one in her color! =)


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