Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Hoopla

So I had a little cocktail party this weekend. Here are a few photos for your entertainment... =)

My mini Christmas tree!
And new Tahari dress that I got from their outlet sale!

Ardell lashes
Tarte gel liner
Tarte LipSurgence in Swank
And my hair getting more platinum by the minute =)

Happy party people
I love you!

My friend Melissa
Pretty sure this photo sums up the party

Nuvo sparkling liquor with a Sour Patch Kid at the bottom...
Wonder who put it there hmmm

Patron-soaked gummy brains that my friends brought over
Such a fun party idea!
To the left are vodka-soaked gummy bears!

My pretty little candy server.
I bought it not really knowing what to put on it,
so I just got an assortment of candy.
Makes a pretty center piece or decoration =)

Aaaand there's me.
Doing a shot of Kobe punch.
From a snorkel.
With bunny ears on.
Clearly an end of the night photo.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and is having a great start to the holiday season!! xoxo


  1. Your drink looks so good! I love the dress- too cute!

  2. You look gorgeous :) I love your little Christmas tree xo

  3. Pretty lady!

    Yay for platinum blonde hair <3 I still have a long way ahead of me - I wish I never dyed it brown!

  4. Haha cute tree! I love it. Looks like a great time.

  5. @ablakehk @confessions - thanks girls! A little secret - it was actually a shirt, but since i'm so short and put tights under it, it became a party dress!

    @forever - thank you love! the little tree is all I can fit in my apartment haha

    @nora - thanks kitten! totally feel you - I remember putting low lights in my hair once and I FREAKED out.

    @jessica - thanks hun!

  6. Your friend's face and your snorkel pic are too funny! I've never soaked candy in vodka before but they're like my two favorite things on the planet so you just gave me something to do this weekend ;)

    Love this post.. you look super glam in that dress.. it's SO pretty!

    p/s - yay for blonder! ;D

  7. you HAVE to try it! they are so addicting, literally couldn't stop eating them the entire night. guess that's why the snorkel was brought out haha! thank youuu for all the love! <3


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