Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Hair Chameleons

It's about that time - cocktail parties, sparkly makeup, snow (hopefully soon) - Holiday season! It's also the time when people feel the need for a change - often times a hair make over. Here are a few of my favorite celebrity hair chameleons:

Katy Perry

I'm not usually a fan of short hair, so i'm kinda ehh about this.
I don't like the length, but I love the multi colors!


Love her. Again, not loving the shorter cropped hair,
but she can pull off almost any color!

Taylor Swift

New bangs? Sure! I love that she's been wearing her hair straight lately.
The bangs make her look so cute and young. Adorable!

Nicki Minaj

Although i'm pretty sure this is a wig, totally not a fan of the 80's crimp job.
Nicki is tons more fun with neon pink hair!

Lady Gaga

Strangely enough, Gaga has been keeping in simple - for now.
Instead of a colored tint or crazy headpiece,
Gaga has been rocking super long blonde extensions. Love!

Who's your favorite?


  1. I like Katy Perry with that short light pink hair!

    ♥ Shia

  2. My pick is Katy Perry. I love the multi-colors she has going on, it's really cute and fun. She should have kept it long though.. that cut kind of screams 'soccer mom' at me.

  3. I'm loving Katy Perry's new hair color. The cut, not so much, but I guess she pulls it off.

  4. @caise - she looks so different, but cute of course!

    @witchhazel - I agree, I would absolutely LOVE it if she didn't cut it shorter!

    @nora - yuuuup, same here.

    @hunter - thanks love <3


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