Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Hidden Speakeasy Adventures of Frankie and Deano

Every winter, my friend Sabrina and I have an annual Christmas dinner. To catch up, talk about life, love, work and everything in between. This year, upon recommendation from a friend, we went to a speakeasy-type bar in Alphabet City called Barber Shop. We always have a blast, but discovering this seemingly "secret" place together made it that much more special. And oh what a time we had! See below for photos =)

You walk through a retro barber shop (someone was getting a haircut when we got there!)

The bar is behind that sliding black door in the back.

Here is Sabrina relaxing in a retro living room in the back of the bar.

Book shelves, old radios, arm chairs, you name it they had it.

We had this room all to ourselves for most of the night!

Frankie and Deano

Translation: Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin - our nicknames for each other since college.

Makeup is looking proper in this photo I must say!

Me. In the black "uniform" I usually sport.
I felt like I was hanging out in my grandmother's living room.
With a full functioning bar of course.

Our new friends???

Oh dear. These were just OUR our drinks.

Grey Goose & Tonic // Jack and Coke

I felt this the next day in a big way....

Hazy secret bar people

Louboutin Love.

My boyfriend was horrified and thought I had gotten a tattoo after the bar.

Thankfully it was just a stamp.

Sleepy cab ride.

Makeup still entact.

Successful night all around!

Hope you guys liked the photos! Totally am going to try to find more bars like this one. Such a nice break from the usual hectic, crowded bar scene. Hope everyone had a great day! xoxo


  1. Your makeup is totally on point! Your friend is pretty gorgeous, too! Looks like so much fun.. love the idea of this bar.. really cute ;)

  2. aww you are just the sweetest!! yes, so fun, such a nice change! xo


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