Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 2011 Magazine Covers - Best & Worst

Overall, I was very entertained with the December 2011 magazine covers this month! As always, I've included US covers, as well as a few from various other countries. Let me know what you guys think!

Bazaar Espana

Not sure who this is, but she looks hott and I couldn't get over these shoes.


Nicole Scherzinger for Shape

I love the dress. Because it's such a statement piece,

they did the right thing by keeping her hair and makeup simple.

Very natural and pretty!

Scarlett for Vanity Fair

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this cover.

It's so elegant and classic. The hair and makeup really compliment each other here.

I also love that Scarlett changes her hair often, she keeps things interesting. Gorgeous!

Michelle Williams for Elle UK

OK so i'm really torn about this one.

One one hand, I love that it portrays a white Christmas/Holiday feel

On the other hand, I really don't like Michelle's hair and makeup at all.

Lea Michele for Allure

I'm not a Glee person at all, but I think she looks great!

The cat eye really grabs your attention,

and the blush and lippy they used on her compliments her skintone perfectly.

Kim K for Marie Claire

Fresh off the heels of her 72 day marriage, Kim had the time to pose for Marie Claire.

I can't stand that Marie Claire gave her more publicity than she already has, and was annoyed when I saw her on their cover. That aside, they ditched the usual 10 pounds of makeup Kim usually wears, and went for a more natural look. It's pretty, but please go away for a while.

Jessica Simpson for Lucky

The soon to be new mommy looks the best she has looked in a long time!
A touch of mascara, pretty pink lip and long flowing locks really lights up her face.

I like the fun top she's wearing too, I recently bought one just like it for a holiday party =)

Jessica Biel for Elle US

Is it just me, or does her face look kind of vampire-ish?

I can't put my finger on it, bad photoshop maybe?

I can't get passed how her face looks in this photo so everything else was a waste for me.

J Lo for Glamour

This has really been J Lo's year - between American Idol,

being named People's Most Beautiful Person,

various product endorsements and making major $$$!

The makeup is nothing special, but it works for her - same with the hair.

The real standout for me on this cover was the bitchin jewelry she's wearing!

Amy Adams for In Style

This is another one - her face looks strange to me???

Looks like all the mag editors have been favoring sequined tops

and dresses for their shoots though huh?

Kristen Stewart for Glamour Espana

I think my boyfriend said it best, "Why does she look like she's pooping?"

I couldn't agree more. Weird pose, and the usual scowl on her face that ruins

any pretty hair and makeup done on her. Fail.

Jennifer Aniston for Elle China

I think she looks like a wax figure here.
She is so beautiful, so I'm not sure why they felt the need to butcher her face on this cover.

Especially when the title says, "Ageless Beauty." Yuck.

Dianna Agron for Nylon

This is cute! It's very Twiggy/60's and very Nylon.

The bold eyes really draw you in.

The key - eye liner and mascara on the top and bottom lashes. LOTS of both.

The Fanning sisters for W

I've posted this one previously, but wanted to include it in this post because I love it so much!

The golden hair and clothing are really complimented by the girls' bright blue eyes.

They both look like pretty little dolls!

Jessie J for Cosmo UK

Jessie J is my new obsession - I just think she's so damn cool.

This cover made me laugh, between the weird headpiece and kooky outfit.

But I think it works on her! The angular haircut and punchy red lips pull the edgy look together.

Adele for Cosmo US

I love this! Adele always has a flawless cat eye - it's kind of become her signature look.

I also really like the peachy blush they used on her.

Charlize Theron for Vogue

I thought this was a really pretty and interesting choice for a Decemeber cover - the ocean!

I think she looks beautiful and natural. I wish we saw more of her!

Lady Gaga for Vanity Fair - January 2012

OK I was a little too excited about this one and didn't want to wait until next month to share it!

I love the all red ensemble and the oversized hat - all matching her lipstick!

So much fun and very Gaga.

What was your favorite cover this month?


  1. I want to comment on each and every single one aaah!

    Scarlett for Vanity Fair - I like that she looks her age and not her usual "I'm actually 45 years old" she kind of reminds me of Blake Lively in this picture too!

    Michelle Williams for Elle - I agree with you 150%

    Kim Kardashian for Marie Claire - omg my exact thoughts!! & I think that's a recycled picture.. I feel like I've seen it before.

    Jessica Simpson for Lucky - AGREED! <3

    Okay last one, Fannning sisters = amazing.


  2. I love the Kim K picture! I think she looks amazing but agree we are overdosing on her now!

    The W cover is beautiful and probably my fav :) xo

  3. @Nora - love all your comments! I also thought the Kim K photo was recycled...not sure from where though!

    @Forever - thanks for the love! I adore the W cover too

  4. Scarlett Johansson looks stunning as a red head! Like a different girl, almost. That color really suits her.. Definitely my favorite.

    The worst is that Jennifer Aniston cover - yikes! WTF were they thinking?

  5. @witchhazel - I thought so too, she seriously looks GORGE. whoever did the Jennifer Aniston cover should be fired, like now.

    @ablakehk - me too! my new obsession!! <3


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