Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tom Ford Beauty Arrives at Bergdorf's!

Makeup snobs rejoice! It's here! Tom Ford Beauty has launched at Bergdorf's in NYC, and is selling like hot cakes despite the wild price tag - $85.00 for an eye shadow quad anyone? Regardless of how pricey everything was, I had to hold myself back from not buying something. All the products were so beautiful, the pigments were intense and creamy, it was just so...dreamy.

The counter was insanely crowded, but that didn't stop me from swatching lipsticks and eye shadows on my hand. Tom Ford himself was at the makeup counter yesterday, signing each makeup item people bought - so jealous! Check out the photos, just wanted to share with you dolls =)

Beautiful nail lacquers!

One of the shade names - love his sense of humor!

A cute little glass display box above the makeup counter

A black/blue gel eye liner - swatch below!

This photo doesn't do the color justice, it's so dark and intense!

Lip glosses, lipsticks and nail lacquers

Foundations, highlighters, powders and brushes

The stunner of the whole collection in my opinion was the eye shadow quads.
The colors were so pigmented and gorgeous I couldn't get over them.
I would wear EACH quad - I think TF did a fantastic job with the shade mixes.

More quads. I mean come on, how am I going to help myself?!
Adore the Sahara Haze palette

Some skincare items featuring ...who else? Tom Ford

Close up of the glosses, also very intense and pigmented

Overall, I was pretty impressed with everything and was lusting over so many different items! Hope you guys enjoyed the photos, or maybe I just tortured you a little more =) xoxo


  1. I wish I could try those cosmetics but of course they are not available in my country ;/

  2. It looks great! Would love to try some Tom Ford makeup.

  3. @caise - that totally stinks, where are you from? =)

    @Kashaya - thanks doll! i'll check out your blog =)

  4. Thanks sweetie.=) I'm now following you back.

  5. you're the best! thanks for reading xoxo

  6. lovely blog!
    follow each other? i'll wait your answer on my blog :)

  7. @Makeup Majesty I'm from Poland

    I'm following you as well :)

  8. @Francesca - the photos on your blog are gorgeous! I love finding new sites to read, i'm following you now =)

    @Cauise - from Poland, wow! thanks so much for the love, look forward to talking to you! =)

  9. Ugh. Those lacquers and the the Crushed Amethyst quad look awesome (I'm a sucker for purple shadows). Shit, everything looks awesome! I, too, am trying to resist the urge to buy.. but it's all just so damn temping!! That's cool that he was there signing products.. I would have used a metallic gold pen if were him, just to match the packaging ;p

    And yes.. this post was total torture.. so thanks A LOT! ;p

  10. I knew YOU would agree with me!! I can't even tell you how gorgeous the shadows were, it was insane!! Guess I should have played Powerball last night so I could win the lotto and buy me some Tom Ford makeup haha =)

  11. i just found your blog, it is incredible :)
    i'd love if you visited mine, and if you want we can follow each other..
    kisses *

  12. that's so sweet, thank you Filipa! you have a great blog, I love the rain gear post! following you now, have a great night xo


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