Friday, November 18, 2011

Piggy Cupcakes and Friday Fierceness

I was fortunate enough to raise money through my company bake sale to support the BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Foundation). One of my besties - Melissa and I baked three different types of cupcakes - from scratch - and everyone died over them! Five hours later (and many laughs, mishaps, and icing covered bodies later) the cupcakes were done! Our cupcakes raised over $100 for the charity, and the piggies sold out in only 2 hours! So proud. See below for photos:

Pink piggy cupcakes!


The piggies displayed at the bake sale

The other two batches we made!
Purple - Dark chocolate cake with marshmallow filling
Pink - Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

Bake Sale!

Although the cupcakes looked beautiful displayed and sitting pretty, there were still some...mishaps along the way:

Marshmallow filing fail.
I didn't put the frosting in deep enough!

The infamous "orange" velvet.
We MAY have used yellow food coloring instead of red by mistake.
Then added a ton of red on top of the mustard-colored yellow.
I guess the orange was close enough for us HAHA!

A job well done deserves margaritas at 1am

And here is a little Friday Fierceness from yours truly. The colorful cupcakes inspired me to do a colorful photoshoot haha. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Pink moment. Vintage pearls from my great aunt

Gel liner wings


  1. The piggy cupcakes are so cute!!! and the margaritas look delicious!

    You're rocking that gel liner! which one did you use?

  2. @Nora - thanks babe! I loved them too. The gel liner is Tarte - it kicks ass!

    @Forever - thank you hun!! so sweet <3

  3. The cupcakes do look O my Gosh tempting..the red one look fab ..
    just joined ur blog..going good.

  4. Aww thank you hun! so sweet, thanks for reading =)


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