Monday, October 10, 2011

I Know What Girls Like...

New Makeup, Jewelry, and Shoes of course!

Missoni for Target Pumps
I'm not a huge fan of the Missoni signature zigzag pattern, but these pumps are a nice, toned down alternative. My mom picked them up at Target - I can't believe she actually got her hands on them! The designer collections at Target are big around my hometown, and usually sell out in minutes. I like these shoes, because they're good for every day at work, and have what I like to call a "commuting heel" - a bit on the thicker side and lower than most of my other shoes. I think they're pretty cute!

Clinique Lid Smoothie 8 Hour Eye Colour
So I really wanted to try this, as I have an ongoing obsession with all long lasting makeup. However, I don't really care for the shade I picked out. I generally go for bronze/taupe/beige shades for the lids, and this one is so light that it's almost...white. Like hippy flower child white. It reminds me more of a highlighter than an eyeshadow. Totally miserable, right? Aside from the shade itself, the formula is nice. I applied the lid smoothie this morning before work - 4 hours later no sign of creases. I also like the cooling, metal applicator on the tube - it feels niiiice.

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Partial to Pink
OK so this shade is nothing new, but I do love it! I like how Cremesheen glides on your lips - it's not sticky whatsoever and gives you a luscious, fluffy pout. This shade is natural, so it's nice with a heavy eye or if i'm being lazy and don't feel like applying lipstick =)

Unique Bracelet
I got this piece at a consignment shop in Jersey called All Things Consignment. I like going to these types of stores and seeing what interesting things I can dig up. This shop has an amazing jewelry selection (among many other things) and I had to practically pull myself out of the store after taking home 5 items. The store has an array of vintage, handmade, and custom made jewelry that is just so different, not to mention inexpensive. Definitely worth a look if you live in the area!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and Happy Makeup Monday!


  1. OMG I am so happy to know that I am not alone in the whole Missoni thing. I have been wanting to talk about how much I don't care about it on my blog but I feared the internet would spontaneously explode as I hit post. Great blog and of course I'll follow you back!

    ♥ Shia

  2. @Shia - thanks for following doll! Yeah, you are definitely not alone about the Missoni thing, people go wild over it! They are pretty comfy shoes for work though haha =)

  3. I love the bracelet, it is so pretty! I am following back


  4. Hi Tania, thanks so much for reading!!! <3

  5. Yes, I'm not into the Missoni craze at all. Beautiful bracelet, seems like you can wear it on most occasions.

  6. Great post! I LOVE LOVE the bracelet!

  7. @MUA Desiree - thanks! Yeah, the bracelet is pretty versatile and lightweight which I love!

    @Mercedes - thank you!! I think the consignment shop has a website if you want to check it out

  8. Thank you for shopping at All Things Consignment. We hope you are enjoying the bracelet and that Arlene took good care of you! Great blog.

  9. Thank you that is so sweet! I'm glad Arlene forwarded my blog post on to you - I will definitely be returning soon when i'm in the area!


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