Friday, October 21, 2011

Daphne Guinness - Why Is She So Damn Cool?

Long before Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna came Daphne Guinness in all of her fierce glory. Daphne is an artist, fashion enthusiast, and an heiress of the Guinness beer family.

Known for her outrageous and extremely stylish outfits, she has landed on best dressed lists for years. She is a collector and lover of haute couture clothing, and has a fascination with amour in fashion. I also think she is one of the only people that can pull off the two-toned blonde/black hair look. Aside from the fashion world, she is also involved in the wonderful world of cosmetics, even being the face of a NARS campaign.

So judging from the above photos and story, THAT is what makes her so damn cool.


  1. I LOVE her. She's so friggin' awesome!

  2. I think she's amazing! Some of the stuff she wears is just jaw dropping.. it's all in how she rocks it. I lovvve the two-toned hair, too! She's unbelievably tiny.. I've seen some photos where it looks like if you breath on her she'd fall to pieces.. but she's so beautiful and crazy fierce none the less!

  3. Totally agreed! Some of the things she wears would look so stupid on me, but she pulls it off with that fierce attitude! <3


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