Thursday, October 13, 2011

Celebrity Makeup and Skincare Lines

First came the celebrity fragrance craze. It seemed like half the fragrance section in a department store had celeb perfumes sprawled all over it. Although that is still going strong - some stars that have been successful just keep churning out more and more scents - the new craze seems to be celebrity skincare and makeup collections. Here are the newest ones that I've found:

Heidi Klum - In an Instant
I saw this on an infomercial while getting ready for work one morning. Heidi and another woman demonstrate this product and it seemed to work nicely. It immediately fills in lines around the eyes to freshen up your look. I know, I sound like such a sucker right now huh? Oh look, it's a miracle! No more under eye lines! I'm not sure that i'll be shelling out the $40 for it, but at least it's not another fragrance.

Cindy Crawford - Meaningful Beauty
Another infomercial "gem." I groaned when I saw that Cindy Crawford developed her own skincare line. I mean I guess it makes sense - former model, obvious good looks, why not "share the wealth" with the rest of us chicks? I can't help but be skeptical of this - none of the products jump out at me as being unique or interesting in anyway. Further, I doubt that your inner Cindy Crawford is going to magically sprout out when using one of these face cremes. I know, i'm being a total Debbie Downer right? Well, someone prove me wrong! =)

Salma Hayek - Nuance
Salma launched Nuance, which includes everything from makeup, to skincare, haircare, body care, and so forth. I read up on this more, and it seems like she played a huge part in developing these items, which I totally respect. She didn't just hire someone to create this then slap her name and likeness on the front. I've read a few reviews on blogs about the makeup items, and they seemed pretty positive. Good for her, sounds like she worked hard for this!

JWOWW - JWOWW Skincare
OK i'm using the term celebrity pretty loosely here. Aside from just launching her own line of tanning products (sold at tanning parlors) JWOWW from Jersey Shore is launching her own line of skincare items, which include a facial cleanser, an eye cream and a color enhancing moisturizer. I doubt this will be on counter next to La Mer, but it might do well in a Walmart or Target.

Jessica Simpson - BeautyMint
Jessica Simpson is the Queen of branching out into different business ventures and being successful. Shoes, handbags, a line of eatable bath products, a hair extension line, not to mention her music career. Launching in October, Jessica has teamed up with a skincare expert and formed BeautyMint. BeautyMint "has personalized monthly skincare system which combines the most advanced anti-aging technology and science with natural ingredients" according to She's been wildly successful before, so I wouldn't be surprised if this took off too. Get that $$$ girl!

Dita Von Teese - Makeup Line coming soon
I was surprised to find out that Dita Von Teese sells her own shampoo, conditioner and hairspray on her website - did you guys know that? The more exciting news came yesterday, when Dita annouced via Twitter that she has a makeup line in the works! I've always admired her makeup and retro style, so I was geeking out that she is developing her own beauty line. This is one I will definitely be checking out. There is no timeline as of yet, but when I get more updates on when it will launch I will let you guys know!

What do you guys think, any interest in these celebrity skincare and beauty lines? Share with us!


  1. I had NO clue J Woww had her own tanning line or even skincare...that is INSANE!! But just think...she is laughing all the way to the bank!

    ♥ Shia

  2. Ok one night I was laying in bed it was 3 am. I was off of work for medical leave. Cindy Crawfords infommercial came on. I watched and it seemed very natural good for sensitive skin very resonable. So I ordered it. They even gave me free stuff. I am 41 so Im fighting age and have sensitive skin so always looking for something new. I got it and did just as instructions stated. The first night I woke up and my face was itching. I thought oh no. So I called the number they said thats the mask and anti aging ingredients cleansing my skin. I said ok going to believe that. The second day it was itching still along my jaw line. I washed my face that night put on the night cream and woke up at 3 am looked in the mirror and I had been scratching my face during the night. It was burning! I washed it with my previous cleanser and used my clinique back up moisturizer and all was well the next day. I called the hotline and they asked me a 100 questions said we will refund your money. They told me this has been happening with several customers. Ummm what? I was not happy. They asked me to send stuff back I said I threw it away its crap. So I wouldnt waste your time with it but thats just me.

  3. @MzLuna - OMG!! I'm so sorry that happened to you! That is scary when you have a bad reaction to a face product. Thanks for sharing that with us though, I think things like that are important to know! <3

    @Shia - haha yeah, I can't believe JWOWW has her own skincare stuff either. I don't know who is going to buy it but that's just me! =)

  4. seriously, what next? a beiber moisturizer???/

  5. hahaha Bieber already has a nail polish line and a fragrance! he's making money he's no fool =)

  6. I have wanted to try Heidi Klum's and Cindy's stuff but hate buying stuff on the phone. I am still trying out Salma Hayek's tinted moisturizer, verdict isn't out on it

  7. Oh wow thanks. Never knew about alot of these good post hun

  8. @Jessica Rivera - i'm the same way, I have a hard time buying makeup and skincare online because I want to look at it and try it first. Let us know if you like the Salma stuff! =)

    @Jessica - thanks doll!

  9. I would definitely love to try out Dita's line when it comes out. I don't have my hopes up for anything exciting, but I'm willing to bet that the packaging will probably be cute. I always see Selma Hayek's stuff when I'm wandering around CVS, but I'm an eye product junkie and I just so happen to hate how her quads are packaged. They look cool but seem awful when I think about having to store them.. lol.

  10. hahaha I know what you mean, I saw the quads and was kind of confused. I think Dita's stuff will be cute, I really want her to do an eyeliner so I can attempt to copy her perfect liner... =)

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