Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are You a Makeup Returner?

I'm not. It would probably make sense to return a makeup item that I really didn't like, or know that I would never use it again. I guess it just seems like too much work haha. I'm the same way with clothing too - even though something doesn't fit (unless it's expensive) I usually won't bring it back to the store to return it.

What about you guys? If you try a lipstick and don't like it, will you bring it back to the store? Just curious!

PS: The above photo of me dancing like a jackass at a wedding has nothing to do with this post. It was just added for your entertainment.



  1. I never return things, I am so bad like that, it is really a lot of effort!

  2. I don't return anything until I am broke and want something I can't afford, then I will find something that I have never/ rarely used!

  3. @Tania - thank god somebody understands me haha!

    @Heidi - that's hilarious! and makes total sense =)

  4. Even I cant return makeup for some reason :(
    got stuck with a bad expensive lippie and now planning to turn 3-4 into a mixed pot!

  5. It totally sucks when you buy something that you think you're going to love, and it ends up sucking! =*(

  6. I'm the same way - too lazy - to return anything. I have clothes from years ago that still have the tags on them, and I don't think I've ever returned a single cosmetic item in my life. At least with clothes I've gotten better at actually trying shit on before I walk out of the store with it. With makeup, meh, I just don't bother. I either pass it off to friend/relative or stick it in my traincase (makeup graveyard) to use for Halloween or some other nonsense thing. It's easier that way!

    P/S - I love the pic, looks like your dancing your ass off and having a blast lol

  7. HAHAHA I love that last bit! <3

    I'm actually a return nothing person. If I have my doubts about something I'll wait a couple days and if I still want it I'll go back and get it - unless of course, we're talking about something like the Hugo Boss perfume :P

  8. @WitchHazel - your comments always crack me up! I'm totally "meh" about returning basically everything. Unwanted makeup items are always passed off to other people! And yes, dance my ass off I did that night xoxo

    @Nora - hahah you're the cutest! I know, the worst feeling is not buying something then thinking about it like a psycho until you go get it. Yep. Been there.


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