Wednesday, October 5, 2011

30 Second Hair

30 second beachy waves

Ray Bans Rock

I hate mornings. Like a lot. I must slam my alarm clock off 5 times before I actually get my sorry ass out of bed. Especially on week days, I hate blow drying my hair. This Bumble and bumble hair un dressing creme must have been sent from HEAVEN. I use a quarter-sized amount of the creme for each side of my head. I rub the creme between my palms, and finger-comb it through my hair. I let it naturally dry, and this is what it looks like! So yeah, 30 second hair. Because I need my sleep.


  1. Ohh nice! I wonder how this would look on dry hair next day after beachy waves have been put in? instead of redoing them... I"m a new follower! :-)

  2. The snooze button is my best friend. I might have to look for this product, especially since I've been trying to keep hot tools off my hair.. this seems like a good alternative. I love how it made your hair look ;)

  3. @TheMissTwist - hi doll thanks for following!! It actually looks great a day later, even after you sleep on it!

    @WitchHazel - same here. I try to alternate between letting my hair naturally dry, to blow drying and straightening it the next day...just to give it a break! =)


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