Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What Beauty Products Do You Use Until the Last Drop?

I saw this question on Allure.com and it got me thinking - I buy so many products. Like, lots of them. Certain things I get tired of and only use a few times. Other things that I LOVE I will scrape out of the jar/tube like my life depends on it.

Here are my scrape-the-bottom-until-there's-nothing-left products:

  1. Foundation or base - I'll confess, I hate buying foundation. It's not fun or interesting, it's more of a necessity. Therefore, I use up every last bit of it!
  2. Mascara - I use my Haute & Naughty mascara from MAC every day. When I ran out a few weeks ago and was forced to use a few others I had laying around, it was torture. If you're used to your lashing looking a certain way, then you start using a mascara that just doesn't do it for you, it's miserable.
  3. Primers - whether it be the UD Primer Potion, or the MAC Prep + Prime face powder, I always find myself replacing them once they run out. Priming in my mind is necessary if you want your makeup to last longer!
  4. Eyeliner - black eyeliner (accompanied with a different eye shadow and mascara each day) is my go-to look most days. Replacing it is a must.
  5. Face toner & Makeup Remover - Again, not the most fun beauty products to buy, but I can't get by without them.

On the flip side, doing this little list made me think of all the products I DON'T use up. All the eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses, perfumes, etc that I buy and just sit there after I tire of them. Of course, every beauty product you buy won't be ideal or perfect - that's the fun of trying new things. But I do feel like my makeup cabinet is somewhat of a beauty graveyard in a way. I know, kinda morbid but MOST things I buy I don't use up.

So what does that mean? I'm going to try and not buy as many things. I know, my heart is racing too at the thought of LESS makeup, but i'm going to make a conscious effort to only buy something if I'm in love with it.

What do you guys think, what products do you always use up? Also, what products do you never use up? I'd be interested to see if your answers are similar to mine! <3


  1. I scrape the tube for my primer (cut it open to make sure I get EVERYTHING) and the jar for my foundation (I get in there with a sponge and wipe it completely clean before tossing) like nobody's business. Like you mentioned, they're necessities and not fun to repurchase or replace so I tend to use it until I'm forced to go out an buy new.

    As for stuff I never use up.. hair products win that round. Whether it's shampoos and conditioners or mousse, gel, heat sprays, treatments, etc.. I just get bored and stop caring. I could probably open up my own Beauty Supply with what's in my cabinet.. such a waste ;[

    I've been trying to buy less lately as well, forcing myself to get around to using some things that I've had for months that are still sitting new in the box or things that I just plain neglect.

    Now I should get an award for longest comment ever! Lol ;p

  2. hahaha I LOVED the longest comment ever!!! Hair products for sure - they are the worst! I must have 6 different shampoos in my shower that will never get finished. And agreed - i've been going through my stuff to see what I can use before I start buying new! <3

  3. I stopped wearing foundation but that used to be on the list of products I use up. Now it's
    1 Mascara
    2 Liquid Eyeliner
    3 Concealer
    4 Makeup remover

    I don't use up ANYTHING else (makeup wise). Hair products on the other hand, I use up so quickly!

  4. thanks for sharing Nora! I wish I didn't have to wear foundation its such a pain in the ass haha


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