Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer to Fall Blush Switch

In honor of the lovely fall weather (and my summer tan doing a disappearing act) I’ve decided to switch up my blush. After my NARS fiasco (my Orgasm blush broke into pieces…twice) I purchased Bella Bamba by Benefit. I loved it for summer – it was so bright, pinky & punchy and looked great with my tan.

Now that the fun and sun is over, I wanted a blush that was more natural that I could use everyday.

Smashbox has long been a favorite brand of mine.
This is the first Smashbox blush I've purchased =)

Smashbox Blush Rush in Silhouette
It's a lot darker and more brown than Bella Bamba


It's been working out great so far! Since it is a more natural shade, I do put on a few layers of it. It gives you a nice flushed look without looking overdone.


  1. looks like a perfect pick for fall!

    thanks for sharing <3


  2. thanks hun!! yeah it's the perfect color =)


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