Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Return of Sarah Michelle Gellar

Geeking! Sarah Michelle Gellar looks amazing in these promo photos for her new show, The Ringer. Since my boyfriend and I both have a huge crush on her, we DVR'd the show and are going to watch it later. She's been out of the spotlight for a minute, but I'm so glad she's back! Cruel Intentions, Buffy, what's not to love?

And whatever she's wearing in the first photo, I NEED it.


  1. Lovey SMG she has style and a personality! Looking forward to Ringer too! x

  2. me too! on both accounts! haha. I'm going to watch it tonight exciteddd

  3. OMG, shes so beautiful, I want watch this movies as soon as possible
    Peace n' Kisses


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