Thursday, September 8, 2011

Red Carpet Manicure - At Home Gel Nails

My most trusted makeup source and mentor - my mother - told me about this new system called Red Carpet Manicure. It's essentially an at home gel manicure system that allows your nails to stay put for 3-4 weeks! The company promises “Get a long lasting Gel Manicure in 3 Easy Steps!”

I’ve had gel nails for a number of years, and loved how low maintenance they were. No chips, no breaking, just a beautiful, shiney French manicure that always looked fresh. As most of you know, I hate sitting there to get my nails done, so going once every 3 or 4 weeks was a dream for me! I got lazy and stopped getting gel nails, and am kind of kicking myself for it since regular manicures chip so easily.

Anyway,Red Carpet Manicure (or RCM for short) sounds like an amazing system! Gel nails at home while I watch trashy reality television? Great! RCM is sold exclusively at Ulta - all of the below items including the LED light can be purchased there. Here are the steps and what you will need:

Red Carpet Manicure - Portable LED Light ($19.99)

Step 1: Prep
This gets the nail ready for product to be applied

Step 2: Structure Base Coat Gel
Apply, let dry under LED light for 1 minute

Step 3: LED Gel Polish
Apply, let dry under LED light for 3 minutes
There is over 30 shades to pick from!

Step 4: Brilliance Top Coat Gel
Apply, let dry under LED light for 2 minutes

And there it is! A beautiful manicure (hopefully).
To remove anything sticky or unwanted, use Purify (below) with a cotton pad
This step isn't VITAL, i'm just giving you guys all the facts! =)

When the gel manicure has seen better days,
use this Gel Remover Polish Remover to take it off:

Mom and I did the math, and after all is said and done, each manicure using RCM would cost $2.90. UNDER $3 for a gel manicure!!!! At a salon, gel nails are usually $45. That one salon manicure is probably the same price as all of the items you'll need to buy for Red Carpet Manicure, which you can use over and over. Just something to think about!

So I obviously LOVE the idea and need to buy it! My mother and I have talked about it on the phone for 2 days now, and we are on the hunt for these products! The Ulta by her is out of it, so I'm going to check tonight to see if I have any luck at a different Ulta. If I find it, I will definitely try it out and give it a thorough review!

Would you guys try it?


  1. I'm so low maintenance with my nails but if I wasn't, I would so do it myself

  2. @Shadow - me too! I was only able to find the "Prep" and the colors so far though. Every Ulta is sold out!

  3. I want to try this - it looks fantastic but I try to be cruelty-free and can't find any info regarding this company's position on animal testing. Anybody know if the products in this kit are testing on animals??

  4. Love this stuff I am an RN and it stays put for about a week!! the better I get at it the longer it stays on! :)

  5. How do you do a french manicure with this?

  6. I love this system. I have been using it for a few months and although at first I got polish all over my cuticles (just like when I tried to paint my own nails with regular polish) I have now become quite good at it! What a relief to not have to pay $50 + tip and sit in a salon for an hour every 3 weeks!!


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