Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My First Butter Polish

This is my first nail polish from Butter - the shade is The Old Bill. I love the color! You guys have been raving about Butter polishes so I wanted one of my own (of course).

I took it to my nail salon this weekend and had it applied professionally. It reminds me of a color I would wear as an eyeshadow - kind of a coppery bronze. She applied 2 coats of polish and a top coat, and it's starting to chip already which i'm not happy about, but at least I have the color for touch-ups! =)

Hope everyone had an amazing Labor Day weekend! xoxo


  1. I dont have any butter londons yet but this is a beautiful color!!! I might just get this one thank for the wonderful swatch!

  2. I don't have any yet either but I do eyeball them every time I go to Ulta. This color kind of reminds me of Zoya - Jules a bit. This is such a pretty shade!

    Did they apply a base coat when you had your nails painted? I never thought it was important until I started using one on a regular basis (mostly to prevent staining) and now I can't go without it.. it really makes a huge difference as far as longevity.

  3. Hi! Actually no, they didn't put a base coat and I wish they did. Since it's a metallic polish, it chipped 3 days after I got it so I was kinda bummed. Base and top coat are a must!! xo


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