Thursday, September 29, 2011

MAC Fall Programs - The Verdict

MAC is one of my favorite brands - they are always coming out with new programs that are creative and exciting. Here are the current programs MAC has on counter currently, and of course a little commentary from yours truly =) Let me know what you guys think!

The visual:
So sexy! It has a vintage, yet modern feel with the perfect pair of red lips!

The collection:
The makeup is all from the Prolongwear franchise and is made to LAST.
I might invest in one of the lip pencils to fill in my lips before applying lipstick.

Art of Powder

The visual:
Love it. It makes powder look exciting, which is kind of a hard task

The collection:
The 3 products shown above are actually all different -
one is a highlighter, one is an eyeshadow and one is a bronzer.
I think the concept is cool, and the design on the powders are bitchin!

Seasonally Supreme

The visual:
It's "eh" for me. Nothing special

The collection:
12 Sheen Supreme lipsticks. I like the range of shades, and I also like the skinny tube.

Fall Colour: Angel Flame

The visual:
I'm sure these photos are on just about every blog now,
but seriously...WTF.

The collection: normal. A mix of lipglasses, an eyeshadow quad, mineralize skinfinish etc.
All shades are in the pinky/beige family which is nice if you want natural makeup.
Try not to copy the above makeup though...

Fall Colour: Wild Colour

The visual:
Horrifying. Everyone hates clowns, myself included.
So I don't get the "creative" aspect of this, it's just plain miserable.

The collection:
Equally as horrifying. BRIGHT pigments, shadows, pencils and lipsticks.
The only thing I would ever use these shades for is Halloween.
Maybe that's what they were going for? I can only hope.

Fall Colour: Midnight Blue

The visual:
What girl doesn't want to look like a street walker?

The collection:
Great, actually. Aside from the hideous lipstick above,
all the items are useful and wearable - falsies, nail lacquers, pencils, brushes, etc

Posh Paradise

The visual:
In LOVE! It's so amazing, the hair is so fierce and so is the makeup & background

The collection:
Another LOVE! As some of you read,
I bought the lipstick Rare Exotic from this collection and think it kicks major ass.
It is insanely long-wearing and the colors are beautiful.
The collection has a mix of Mattene lipsticks, paint pots and 2 nail lacquers.

Matchmaster Foundation

The visual:
Very Pretty!

The collection:
This foundation promises to be "invisible" with coverage influenced by your own skin.
Sounds good to me, I haven't tried it yet so stay tuned on this one.

What collection is your favorite?


  1. I liked the last 2 a lot :) I badly need a good foundation for my oily skin )

    Hey, do enter my giveaway :)

  2. yea those 3 photos, you know what 3! lol horrible, what was MAC thinkin

  3. Visually, my favorites were Styledriven, Art of Powder, and Posh Paradise. Since I put myself on a strict spending ban, I've only been looking to buy stuff I'm -IN LOVE WITH-, and there hasn't been anything from these recent collections. Wild Colour is visually the most offensive to me - it doesn't even look like a professional campaigne. Same for Angel Flame and Midnight Blue. They just look amateur to me, or maybe it's only because I hate them THAT MUCH.

  4. your comment cracked me up hahahah! I agree,some of them are just offensive. I should really put myself on a makeup spending ban, i've been terrible lately!


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