Monday, August 22, 2011

Victoria's Secret Shimmer Fierce Liquid Shadow!

How hot is that?! This is with the camera flash on

Camera flash off - it's so glittery!

Brand new, hot off the presses!

The doe-foot applicator makes it so easy to apply on the go

Hotness! I was fortunate enough to get my paws on a brand new eyeshadow from Victoria's Secret - Shimmer Fierce Liquid Shadow in Radiate! I don't believe it's in the store just yet, but it will be soon.

This shadow is extremely glittery and bold! If you are into matte or slight shimmer shadows, this is not for you. I happen to love it - totally livens up the eyes for day time in my opinion. It is very...well, radiant (guess the shade name is dead on, huh?)

However, because it's very glittery and piecey, it does have a tendency to crease a bit (you can kinda see it in the second photo). Although I did apply it at 7am, so I guess by 3pm most things tend to crease...

Easily fixable though - next time, I will probably use a shadow primer PLUS a matte shadow in the same coppery/gold shade. That way, I will layer the glitter on top of the shadow - if the glitter creases a bit, the shadow will be underneath and it will still look put together and pretty.

The "VS Tip" on the box reads, "Use fingertips to apply a small amount of liquid shadow to center of lid and evenly blend across eye. For added intensity, layer as desired." I'm sure there are a number of looks that you can create by pairing this with different shadows or eye liners!

I've only gotten this shade so far, and haven't seen the rest of the collection - I am very excited to see what other shades they come out with! Hoping there is a grey or maybe a black glittery shade (ohhh ahhhh!)

What do you guys think?


  1. I don't know...I'm on the fence. It's a very pretty color (DUH) but it looks like it may just fall off your lids! Hopefully a primer will help - let us know!

  2. It actually doesn't have any fall out, but it wasn't very fun to remove at night! =/

  3. Pretty, what about using an eye primer, think it will still crease?

  4. I did use a primer this time - it creased after 8 hours though, so I don't think it's that bad! Next time I want to use a matte shadow underneath too, we'll see what happens! =)


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