Monday, August 8, 2011

Vibrant Hair Color

Back in the days of Hollywood movie stars - and way before Kim Kardashian and her 40 reality shows existed - women wore "natural" hair colors - blonde, brunette, redhead and so on. Today, celebrities and us normal people have been experimenting with lots of bright colors and fun trends - two toned hair extensions, vibrant hair dye and a kick ass attitude to pull it all off. Here are some of my favorites - some are current, some a few years old. And of course, some of my not so favorites...enjoy!

Oh how I love Hayley!
She's had this killer bright red hair color for years, but pulls it off so well!

Peaches and her two-toned extensions
It looks like something is growing out of her seaweed.
Great hair cut though besides that

Pink woohoo!
Another celebrity that has had mostly the same hair color for a few years,
but I don't know anyone else that could remotely pull off this look like she can

Possibly my favorite Rihanna hair color of all time!
Not crazy about the hair cut here, but the color is so much fun

Nicki's rainbow bright hair is...interesting.
Maybe for Halloween, I don't see this one catching on

Remember this one? Gaga's canary yellow hair
That'll get your attention huh?

I love Kelly Osbourne, like a lot!
And I love this pale purple hair color for her. Almost a grey-purple.

Ha! Another take on two toned hair with a giant telephone on her head

Ohhh how I long for the Dirrrty days!
You would expect me to hate this, but I actually loved it at the time haha

Avril has been doing the blonde/pink hair for a while
and I always thought it looked cute on her!

Britney's I Wanna Go video
As soon as I saw her hair it reminded me of Avril's
I liked it on her in the video, but it's just not "her"

With this hair, the eye makeup and the lips, it's just a fun/playful look.

A few bad ones just for fun...

Oh Cher...

Remember these days? That is a LOT of hair...

I love mohawks a lot, just not this particular one

I'm sorry but this is just miserable. WHYYYYY

Who's your favorite? Have you experimented with a bold hair color?


  1. I adore Hayley Williams! She's always looked fantastic with vibrant hair :) I am actually a fan of purple hair (not my entire head) but I haven't done it for years now...probably won't go back either!

  2. @Sidney - ahhh so do I she's the best!! Purple hair sounds so fun - I used to have bright red extensions under my blonde hair, they were pretty but I got sick of them haha =)

    @Jessica - me too! works for her


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