Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pure Color Sensuous Rouge - 3 Shades!

Last week, I shared with you my “wish list” for the fall season. WELL, needless to say I caved and had to get something right? I got not one, but three shades of the Estee Lauder Pure Color Sensuous Rouge lipstick (what a long name huh?) Below are a few photos of each, I tried my best to capture what each shade actually looked like on camera. The shades I got are – Rose Exposed, Fig & Plum Fatale. I really went outside the box with these – I wanted colors that I don’t already have and give my fall makeup a new spin.

The first impression I had was – the shades look extremely dark in the tube, but on lips they are gorgeous and nicely pigmented. They seem to be pretty long wearing which is a must for me. The idea behind these, is there is a moisturizing core in the middle and the lipstick wrapped around it. Check out them out, let me know what you guys think!

From left: Rose Exposed, Plum Fatale & Fig

Rose Exposed

Without flash - I really like this color. A bit of red & pink

With flash - a nice fall color with rosy cheeks


I never usually do browns, but wanted to switch it up. Rawrrr

Has a little sheen to it

Plum Fatale

No flash. It's so vampy!

No flash

With flash - has a slight sparkle to it but in a classy way

With flash. I used to be afraid of wearing plum but I love this!

Thoughts after using each:

The Rose Exposed is the safest of the 3 - just a bit different from what lipstick I usually wear.

Fig isn't my favorite, but I wanted to try a brownish shade. Not sure how that will go - to be continued.

Plum Fatale - I was so pleasantly surprised by this shade! As you can see, it looks so dark in the tube - almost black. But on lips, it is just so fun and different. I can totally see myself wearing it out to dinner - with very minimal eye makeup to avoid looking like a psycho.

What do you guys think?

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