Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pretty Pastels - Eyes, Nails, Necklace

I've always associated pastel colors with Spring - Easter egg colors if you will. But I decided, what the hell, I need some pastel colors in my life for summer. So, here is my EOTD & NOTD, plus one of my favorite new necklaces - all pastels, of course.

Pretty purple cream shadow!
Has a tiny bit of glitter in it, but in a subtle way.
Think of it as "daytime glitter"

A mini wing just to polish off the look
And two coats of MAC mascara

New purple Essie polish!
Such a fun, sweet color

A crowned heart necklace that I bought on my last trip to Brazil
Very...Majesty-like =)

What I used:

Essie polish in Nice is Nice, and the great top coat you'll ever use!

This is a Stila smudge pot from back in the day when they did a Barbie line.
The cover is just too cute!

I know that this color looks kinda scary and vampy in the pot,
but if you apply it with your finger and blend, it can be very light and pretty
For night time, build more layers of shadow on top for an intense eye

Hope everyone is having a great week! xoxo


  1. The necklace is adorable.

    I'm currently wearing pastel nail polish too ;D in the color Pastel Perfection by Rimmel.

  2. love the eye tutorial!
    Neat post - wanna follow each other?

  3. Essie "Nice is Nice" is one of my favorite nail polishes ever! Love all the coordinating looks!

    Abientot xx

  4. @Nora - thank you! Rimmel polish hmmm might need to pick that color up =)

    @Harija - thanks hun! i'm following your blog now =)

    @Jacqueline - I LOVE Nice is Nice, might be one of my new favorites too! i'll check out your site, thanks for posting =)


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