Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Very First Rimmel Product

Juicy, pink lippy!

Pink, as usual ha!

Love the little crown at the top!

The shade

This is my very first Rimmel product - a lipstick! I have to confess though - i'm awful at buying lipsticks. I seem to choose the SAME shade no matter what brand I'm buying. I guess it can be a good thing at times, because I know what lipstick shades work with my skin. But it's also a bad thing, because how many pink lipsticks does one person NEED?!

The reason for that rant, was because I like this lipstick. But it's nothing special. It looks and feels like any other pink lipstick that I own. Maybe if I picked a slightly different shade of pink, it would have set this one apart from the rest. But unfortunately, nothing special or exciting about it. I'm sure I will use it and like it, but no "wow" factor.

Do you guys like Rimmel lipsticks? Any shade suggestions?


  1. I agree with you about Rimmel lipsticks, they are ok nothing special in my books and I guessing being in the UK and getting them easily means I tend to steer clear and pay for what I really love. I do however have quite a collection - shade of choice for me is Nude Delight. I just don't find they last very well :/ Mel xxx

  2. For some reason my sister thinks Rimmel lipsticks are amazing but I have yet to try their lipsticks.

  3. OOoh, I love the color! My favorite lipstick is Rimmel's Airy Fairy, it's a pink shade, too.

  4. @Mel - I get what you mean! Now that you said that, I did find myself reapplying quite often.

    @Jessica - this is my first one!

    @Marie - i'll have to check out that shade! and thanks! =)

  5. My fav is airy fairy or asia.. They are pink but have a natural look to them. Not so long lasting as they claim though.. Cheap as chips!

  6. This looks so pretty on your lips. I love the packaging too~ Its purple <3

  7. @Kelli - a few people have said they like airy fairy, must be a nice shade =)

    @Yami - thanks so much! I know, I love the little crown at the top!

  8. I love this pick lippy !! Rimmel is so fab xo

  9. thanks Tracey, you're the best! xoxo


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