Friday, August 5, 2011

Jersey Shore Girls

Yep, some of you probably hate me for this but I just need to get it out haha! As most of the world knows, last night was the premiere of Jersey Shore season 4. Along with the usual antics, certain things were noticeably different. For one, the cast is filming in Florence, Italy. For another, the girls look...different. What do you guys think?

Oh dear. She looks like she lost so much weight! But it looks bad on her
Also, did she have Botox? Or her face is just thinned out from losing weight?

Quite the opposite. Did she get boobs? Or just gained weight?
Also, I always thought her hair was real. Last night confirmed all 4 girls have "weave"

Deena & Snooki
I think Deena pretty much looks the same, but Snooki lost weight for sure
Total change up from last season, she was all about working out! Good for her

What do you guys think? Do the girls look different? Did you watch last night?


  1. They definitely all look different in the photos although it looks like there's probably a lot of airbrushing going on!

  2. It looks to me like it's a seriously bad case of Photoshop gone wrong.

  3. Oh agreed on the photoshop and airbrushing, but in the show they actually looked like that haha.

  4. I agree completely... Good for them getting in shape ♥

  5. Still a bunch of bush pigs, funny show btw..


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