Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Harajuku Lovers Makeup Case!

I adore this. The front...

And the back

The inside is checkered!

My awesome mom picked up this makeup case for me at Sephora - she totally understands my need for new makeup items, wonder where I get it from? =)

This case is adorable - my other Micheal Kors case was practically falling apart, so mom came to the rescue and got me this one. It's smaller than the makeup cases I usually use - if it was up to me, i'd carry around HALF my makeup supply just in case I needed something - but I still love it. It forces me to carry only the makeup that I need for the day. Plus my purse weighs a hell of a lot less haha.

You guys like?


  1. This is adorable - I love the checkered inside :)

    <3 Sidd
    *giveaway posted!*

  2. Your mom is so sweet, she hates it when I buy more makeup

  3. @Nora - thanks babe!

    @Sidney - thank you! Just tweeted about your giveaway =)

    @Jessica - my mom fuels my makeup addiction haha she is just as bad!


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