Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dior Stick-On Eyeliner?

Has anyone else read about stick-on eyeliner, or used it? I'm very intrigued, yet can't help but be skeptical. I just envision people who don't know how to apply them walking around with them peeling off - much like false lashes that lift - the horror of it all!

Allure describes the Dior stick-on appliques as "dramatic, exaggerated and reusable. Each Velvet Eye Kit ($55) contains four pairs of winged shapes and lash glue (once in place, hold them for ten seconds to avoid peeling). Two sets create graphic black lines (like in the photo above) the other two are studded with Vegas-show-girly crystals; all stay put for hours and look like liner, only bolder. Our tester love the ease of the application and their smearlessness but said they were too over the top for day"

It is a bit pricey, but you do get 4 pairs of stick-on eyeliners in a package and are able to reuse them. I'm sure many other lower-end brands will come up with their own solution to this trend, but I'm not sure if I see it sticking (see what I did there?) I would like to try them though - I think they could look very dramatic and cool for a photoshoot or a night out. The only concerns I have are if they start peeling off, and how "real" they look. All in all, very interesting Dior.

Stay tuned for updates on this one! Would you guys try these?


  1. What!? At 55 I doubt every beauty blogger in town will be rushing to purchase them but I can imagine some dodgey cheapies from brands trying to jump on the idea!!

    Love J.

  2. I dont understand- there are different eye shapes right??? how is one size going to fit all???

  3. @Bon Vivant Clique - Yeah, I know $55 is a lot, and who knows if you'll even like them, you know?

    @EVE O LUTION - good point, I didn't even think of that. I want someone to review them! I don't know if i'll have the patience to glue them on

  4. Weird, I wouldn't waist the money but I'd love to see other ppl review it lol

  5. Jessica I kinda feel the same haha! I'd review it if someone was nice enough to give me a sample or something haha

  6. oooooh very interesting, but i think i rather stick to using my ELF liquid liner (only $1) lol

  7. @Marla - $1 sounds a lot better than $55!! =)


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