Friday, August 26, 2011

Celebrity Barbie Dolls

Hi dolls! So I wanted to do a fun/mindless post today, hope you enjoy. Some of them are old, some are new, but I picked the most interesting ones (in my opinion, at least!) As a little girl I was obsessed with Barbies - I still have boxes and boxes of them in the attic. Which one is your favorite?

Lucille Ball
I think the expression is dead on! So hilarious

Um, these are supposed to be baby barbies dressed up as
Danny and Sandy from Grease. Beyond creepy...

Lady Gaga
I think I want every single one of these.
Look how cute the little shoe is!

I have one of these, and as a kid I forbid my friends to take him out of his box
He has a little microphone stand and all!

Farrah Fawcett
Wow this one is pretty good!
They nailed her hair, and of course the iconic red bathing suit

I Dream of Jeanie
The outfit is so cute
She even has the mini winged liner!

Britney Spears
Um, if this one is real is so creepy
I know there is a ton of Brit barbies, but this one...caught my attention

Barbie inspired by Frank Sinatra
OK, so technically this isn't a celebrity, but I thought it was adorable!
I want this whole outfit for myself haha

Motley Crue
OK, so I HAD to include my boys!

Lindsay Lohan
Remember when Lindsay used to look like this?
Me either.

Wow, this one is pretty damn close huh?

Cyndi Lauper
This looks like a streetwalker, not a music icon

Angelina Jolie
The face looks pretty close in my opinion!
I wish they put her in something a bit more glamorous than that outfit though

Joan Jett
I love this one! So so cute

Heidi Klum
Not sure how much it actually looks like her, but how cute is that outfit?!
The shoes are adorable too

Katy Perry
Hmmm this one looks pretty angry huh?

Barbie Foosball Table
Again, not a celebrity but I seriously want this for my apartment hahaha

Enjoy the weekend! Everyone be safe if you're on the East Coast! <3


  1. I need need NEED to own the Farrah Fawcett one!! LOVE!

  2. These are so cute! You are right about the Angelina one....shame about the outfit thou! xo

  3. @nora - dude right? The hair is just too cute for words, I love it.

    @forever - thank you for knowing what I mean! haha <3

  4. lol the katy perry one looks like a man in drag lol angelina, and beyonce were dead on! Loved the gaga ones too!

  5. I absolutely loved this post! I am in love with all Barbies. I had a ton of them as a child. I plan on starting up a collection of them when I move into my new house. I can't wait. Thanks for getting me all excited about Barbies again!

  6. the cyndi doll looks like bride of chucky O_o

    i looove the gaga dolls and OMG i want the shoes on the frank sinatra barbie :D

    Vonnie of

  7. I want the joan Jett Barbie .. Love this post . If you see my on the show hoarders for collecting all these awesome barbies LOL great post loves ya XOXO

  8. @Jessica - I know, the Katy one is pretty bad. and I love the Gaga ones too!

    @ms. prettyful - that's so sweet, thank you! glad you liked it =)

    @socialitedreams - It does look like Chucky right? so creepy, and I want the Sinatra doll too!

    @tracey - hahaha I will look for you on Hoarders, but I might be on the show with you =) xoxo


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