Monday, July 11, 2011

Rollerball Royalty

tokidoki Siberia Rollerball

How CUTE is this?! I died a little when I saw it.

The rollerballs are new, and come in 6 different scents with various characters as a topper.

The Siberia smells musky and floral, very unique.

Kat Von D's Saint Angels

The vial is what sucked me in to looking at this fragrance, so pretty!

This one has a sharp vanilla/floral scent, but sharp in a good, crisp way.

It seems cool and young to me, I like it

DKNY Be Delicious Night

Sooo this one is a BIT dusty, since I've had it for a while haha!

I actually have the full sized bottle too because I love it so much

It smells like apple, but with a musky, sexiness to it.

Night out on the town material for sure

Michael Kors Rollerball Lipgloss Trio

These effin rock! My boyfriend got me this trio so obviously I like it even more =)

The half perfume / half gloss hybrid is just so useful and cost efficient

Michael Kors Very Hollywood - sparkley, glitzy & fruity (mandarin-like fruity)

The Original Michael Kors - nice & light in an exotic way

Michael Kors Very Pretty - fun and citrus, probably my fav of the trio!

All of them together!

I love rollerballs, if you couldn't tell by this post haha. I think they are a great way to sample different types of fragrances, without spending a ton of money. Rollerballs are usually around $20 and last a pretty long time. I love switching it up and throwing a different rollerball in my purse every so often. They fit perfectly in my makeup case, and are great for after work if you're running out to grab a drink.

What's your favorite rollerball? Do you dolls tote one around?


  1. Wow, I love makeup! Where did you get those mini perfumes?!?! I really want the Daisy by Marc Jacobs! Have you tried it? Cute blog it really caught my eye! check out mine?

  2. hi Shanelle, thanks for checking me out!! =) you can buy most of the rollerballs at Sephora or Online. The Michael Kors ones you can get in a department store. I don't own Daisy but it smells great. I'll check out your site too! =)

  3. I don't even care if the tokidoki perfume smells good, i just want it for the cuteness factor, haha.

  4. hahaha Shannon I thought the same thing! If I didn't like it, I would still buy it and leave it on my dresser =)


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