Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Swanky, Swell, Puttin on the Ritz 1940's Look

OK maybe it's not all that swanky, but the makeup and costumes from Captain America inspired me to take a stab at a 40's look of my own. I tried putting my own twist on it - using pink lips instead of brick red, and using a bit of gold eyeshadow. Enjoy!

My lovely vintage earrings from one of my bests - thanks Mel!

A simple eye - a touch of liquid liner, Bobbi Brown gold shadow
and lots of mascara on the outer corners to make the eyes look bigger

The key is to start the liquid liner in the middle of the eye lid -
start off with a thin line and make it thicker at the corner

The shadow makes it look polished, but you don't need it
Sometimes I like the liner and mascara alone

MAC's Haute & Naughty mascara is still my go-to mascara
It's nice and thick - really makes the eyes pop

I used MAC's Chatterbox lipstick for this look
I've had this lipstick forever and still go back to it

Aaaaand the finished product!
I wore a flowery dress,
moussed some waves into my hair,
and put the front pieces of my hair back with a little clip

The end! You can swap out the pink lips for a dark red for a more retro look,
I just think pink works better for me =)

You guys like it?


  1. Very pretty! and I love those earrings!!!

  2. love love love this look! i am so into the 40's-when i think vintage, i think of the 40's! your earrings are so cute, and your eyelashes look so long and lush! i can definitely see how you were inspired by captain america! :)


  3. Wow so pretty! I love the earings too! :) I love the whole vintage style idea!! Great job! :)


  4. Love it!
    You look very pretty :)


  5. @Leigh - thank you so much for the kind words! you are too sweet

    @shanelle - thank you!! I am digging the earrings lately =)

    @nora - thanks doll!


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