Sunday, July 10, 2011

Link Share Here!

I want new, fun, exciting bloggers and writters to post their links here for all to see! Even if I follow your site already, post your link here and tell us a little bit about it! Beauty, fashion, photography, anything creative and fun is interesting to me.

Post away dolls, and tell your follow bloggers to do the same!


  1. Oh gosh am I the first! So cool you are doing this too!
    My blog goes behind the scenes of photo shoots, weddings, etc where I'm the makeup artist. Tips & tricks as well as advice on becoming a makeup artist :)

  2. Vonnie of Socialite Dreams :)

    Beauty, lifestyle, fashion, hair, skincare blog

  3. What a great idea :) I'll have to keep an eye on this post for new blogs to follow -

    Makeup, fashion, and a few randoms about my life - definitely big on reviews/hauls and new must-haves!

    <3 Sidd

  4. I'm so glad you shared this with others!

    My blog is

    I'm a freelance makeup artist,newly natural, beauty blogger, beauty vlogger living in NYC

    I share insider info on how to make money as a makeup artist, exclusive events I attend as press, reviews on products, FOTDs, behind the scenes on my photo shoots/videos/gigs and my natural hair journey

    You never seen it quite like this ! Drop on by!

  5. I love finding out about new blogs!! I'll have to share the word =)


    -makeup, hauls, NOTD's, nail polish!, upcoming makeup collections, shoes, INs and OUTs, all the superficial things I love! haha

  6. Great idea! I love finding new blogs to follow =)

    - hauls, makeup, nail polish, outfits, anything beauty related

  7. Thanks for doing this too! Im building my blog and it has surely been a help. I may have to jump on the band wagon.

    My blog is basically my life as a MUA, my finds, tutorials, Fotd, reviews, swatches, hauls and sometimes some things about myself.

  8. Well, here's mine to add to the list!

  9. This is an adorable idea, absolutely love.
    Blog about lipstick and all things that are makeup-related. Pretty snazzy and entertaining if I do say so myself.

  10. yayyyy seems like a great way to connect with fellow bloggers :d

    do check:

  11. Sharing is caring :)

  12. Hi,

    This is a fab idea! My name is Emma and my blog is.....

    It's been going since April,I love doing it as I could talk all day long about anything pretty,sparkly and glossy!!

    Look forward to looking at all the blogs I've not come across yet!! x x

  13. This is such a great, sweet idea! Thank you so much for supporting all of us :)

    My blog is pretty much all about makeup, it has a lot of slightly out-there looks (Not very extravagant, but a little different) Im an aspiring makeup artist and I really interested in feedback from everyone :)

  14. wow, thank you all SO MUCH for posting your links!!! I'm glad that everyone liked the idea. I'm following all of your blogs now, so check each other out! xoxo

  15. This is such a great idea, thanks for posting! I do make up tutorials on my roommate, product reviews and a few style posts when the mood strikes me. We've also just started videos; we are probably not as funny as we think we are ;-)

    can't wait to check all your blogs out!

  16. awesome, thanks so much for sharing your link! and I give you a lot of credit for doing videos, i'm sure they are great! checking you out now..

  17. More than a brand, we are a lifestyle!

  18. this is a great idea that i'm going to try for my blog :)

    my blog is about makeup and creativity, I put my passion into my looks :)
    i do reviews and tutorials :)
    feel free to check it out.

  19. @GirlPowder @Marla - thanks so much for sharing girls!

  20. This is So Awesome but what you are doing !
    Beauty and Life

  21. Thanks for sharing your link Cathy! Obviously looove your blog =)

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