Friday, July 8, 2011

July 2011 Magazine Covers - The Best & Worst

Like most chicks, I get so jazzed when the next batch of new magazines come out each month. Below are most of the July 2011 magazine covers - mostly United States - and my thoughts.

Rihanna for Cosmo
I'm a huge Rihanna fan and think she looks awesome!
Still digging the bright red hair, and I love the cropped tops she's been rocking.
The softer makeup totally suits her with the wild hair/outfit

Zooey Deschanel for Self
I really really dig Zooey's vintage style.
I just watched (500) Days of Summer and it was amazing!
However, this cover is underwhelming to me.
Seems like she has no makeup on.

Lindsay for Vanity Fair
OK so this isn't a US mag, but Lilo is my guilty pleasure.
Say what you will about her, she can strike a pose

Rosie Huntington-Whitely for Maxim
WHOA. Just whoa. Sex kitten status.
I looove the winged liner and tousled hair
Megan Fox or Rosie H-W for Transformers?

Florence Welch for Nylon
Florence has been getting a lot of great attention lately, and it's so well deserved!
While I usually love how Nylon styles their cover girls, this is not my favorite cover.

Lauren Conrad for Lucky

Emma Watson for Vogue
DAMN! She's come so far from Harry Potter huh?
Aside from being the face of the Burberry campaign, she is one stylish chick
That berry red lip is kick ass!

Jennifer Aniston for Marie Claire
Well, the first place my eyes go are to the NO PANTS situation..
Aside from just wearing an over-sized men's blazer, I think the fun new hair works for her
And a nice smile always helps!

Fergie for Allure
Oh dear. God forgive me, but Fergie looks awful on this cover.
I feel like sometimes she looks great, and other times she this.
I think the makeup they used on her washes her out, especially the muted lip.

Eva Longoria for InStyle
The dress is cute. Otherwise, another yawn for me.
Pretty lady, but I feel like she looks the same on every mag cover

Emma Stone for Elle
The red lip! The obnoxious Big-Bird-esque dress! Back to being blonde!
I love it all.

Claudia Shiffer for Harper's Bazaar
This woman always looks hott no matter WHAT!
This cover has a Brigette Bardot type feel to it and I love it.

Miss Xtina for W
WOW. This was certainly an unexpected choice!
Aside from being naked, I almost didn't recognize her with the crazy/crimpy hair and
makeup that wasn't painted on. And no red lip?! I'm kinda loving this.

Blake Lively for Glamour
She looks hott, but it's business as usual.
I do like the eye liner, and how they got her long legs in the shot.
Otherwise, nothing new or exciting about this one.

Katy Perry for Rolling Stone
LOVE! I know I already posted this cover a few weeks back,
but needed to include it again because it's just so funny and cute!
Katy's makeup looks flawless too!

Audrina Patridge for Shape
I kinda feel like all The Hills alums are exhausting, so I
don't know if I can form a real opinion on this cover.
She has a great body, but I guess that's really it.


  1. I agree with you on ALL these looks!

  2. heyyy caught you on sherry's blog...
    excellent compilations.. following you.. do check out my blog too- my giveaway is ending soon


  3. I love ELLE magazine and I agree about Fergie, washed out look. And the makeup artist said she put lip gloss on her lips and I'm thinking, where is the gloss!? Looks like there is dry concealer over her lips!

  4. I LOVE Rihanna's outfit!
    Claudia Schiffer looks crazy good.
    Emma Stone = LOVE.

  5. LLohan may be crazycakes, but you're right, girl can strike a pose! Love Emma Stone-she's adorable, she is hubby's new celeb crush!

  6. Rihanna is always so pretty! Love her red hair so much! Elle is absolutely my favorite magazine ^-^

  7. @miss tapia - great minds think alike! =)

    @eve - thanks for the follow!!

    @jessica - yeah seriously, WHERE is the gloss?!

    @nora - same!

    @just married - I know, Emma Stone rocks!

    @themadtwins - I think so too! Elle is always fashionable


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