Sunday, July 17, 2011

Invasion of (More) Celeb Fragrances

Yes, the never-ending parade of celebrity fragrances is still in full force.
Here are the latest batch from 2011:

The latest perfume by Gwen Stefani for her Harajuku Lovers line.

I like this one only because it's a mermaid!

Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck

Not a fan of her music, but it is said that it will take two years to roll out this

perfume to people all over the world! I'm sure it will be profitable...

Christina Aguilera's Secret Potion

I like the idea of the ad, but they seriously killed her in photoshop.

Any interest in these 3 guys?


  1. I love the Gwen fragrances! I'm running out of 'Angel' at the moment though so bad times! I didn't even know Taylor Swift had a fragrance coming out... but let me just say this Beyonce had the best fragrance of ALL TIME ;D!!

    Love J

  2. @bon vivant - I love the Gwen fragrances too! Never tried's called Heat I think, right?

    @Jessica - I know, the bottle kills me. Adorable!


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