Sunday, July 17, 2011

How Much is TOO Much?

Tom Ford's new makeup collection launching this year

Beautiful packaging

Tom Ford, designer extraordinaire, is set to launch a full makeup line this year (see above). He already has made lipsticks that are sold in upscale stores for a super lux price tag. Rumor has it that a lipstick - one lipstick - will retail for $48! I totally understand the WANT factor (even though it feels like you NEED it to survive) but where do we draw the line here?

I'm totally guilty - I am a lux cosmetics snob (I did just buy a Dior lipstick), but it does get me thinking about how much money I actually spend on certain things. The "will it be worth it" factor pops into my head often as I shell out the cash for expensive beauty items. On the other hand, there is nothing like cracking open a brand new expensive lipstick and applying it for the first time. It's that "ahhhh" moment that just feels so...luxurious.

So the question becomes - how far will you go for a lipstick? Will you be trying Tom Ford's new makeup line? Here are some pretty fierce visuals for the campaign, which include Tom Ford usual =)


  1. I think its a little too pricey. Especially in this economy. I too know the love of dior lippy. I just dont think I could go over 25-28 bucks for a lipstick.That is even a splurge. Too bad they couldnt have made the price point more realistic. Then everyone could have a little Tom Ford on there lips

  2. I def won't be running out to buy his makeup. I'll wait to hear what item is really worth it, if even then

  3. @Tracey - I hate to say it but I agree. You would have to be married to that lipstick and use it daily in order for it to be "worth it." Crazy!

    @Jessica - I know, i'm very curious to read the reviews when it launches!

  4. I may be crazy, and this would be a MAJOR splurge for me, but i'd want one just to add to my collection. I rarely even carry my pricey lipsticks with me afraid they will melt in the AZ heat, but I love 2 add to my collection because it's my hobby :-) Would I splurge every week like this? No way

  5. I totally get you. I would love to have one too despite the crazy price tag. When it goes on counter we'll see if I change my mind haha


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