Friday, July 1, 2011

Dior Addict Lippy!


It's just so beautiful


Pretty pink

Shade 566

I have wanted a Dior Addict lipstick since I saw Kate Moss in the ad. It looks so beautiful and glossy on her, I needed to try it.

$28 later, was it worth it? Should I have bought a shirt instead? NO! It's everything I thought it would be. It's a lipstick, but shines like a gloss. It goes on like silk and feels so nice on lips. I like that the lipstick bullet is thin, giving you more control for application, vs. a thicker bullet and you can only use the tip of it.

Since I have a tan, it's the perfect pink shade for me! I don't feel like i'm wearing lipstick, it almost has a lip balm feel to it which I love. It gives you a nice polished look without looking like "hi, i'm wearing lipstick!!!" You know what I mean?

Another thing, is there is probably a shade for everyone. I couldn't get over the wide range of colors they offered! There were so many pinks I probably had 8 swatches up and down my arm in Sephora haha. Although I found that the colors they shade matched at the bottom of the tube weren't very true to the actual color. So if you're thinking about trying one, I would definitely try it on your hand first to make sure you love the color. At $28, you BETTER love it haha

If I continue wearing this lipstick regularly, I might go back and get another shade...maybe something a little darker when fall rolls around.

What do you guys think? =)


  1. Oh wow it is pretty! I love that it feels like a balm! Never in my life spent that much on lipstick but just may have to now. Thanks gorgeous!

  2. Ahhhh love it. I spent $34 on a ysl lipstick so I totally get it lol

  3. I feel the same about ysl lipsticks, I understand lol

  4. @mz.luna - thanks hun! it is SO nice on lips. I don't want to take you to the dark side of expensive makeup, but it's just so good haha

    @cathy @jessica - Yep, been there too! We just can't help it.. =)

  5. @mercedes - thank you!! these are kind of new to me so that's a big compliment! =)

  6. beautiful lipstick!
    I love your top and your hair!

  7. aww thanks Mika that's so sweet! It looks super blonde from the sun =)

  8. I don't know about the lipstick, it looks like a nice color. But I must say your lips are the prettiest lips I have ever seen on the internet (or in the real world, whatever). Just ah-mazing shape and volume! So I think whatever lipstick you put on them, it will be gorgeous. <3


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