Tuesday, July 19, 2011

August 2011 Magazine Covers - The Best & Worst

It's that time again! I feel like I just did all of the July covers (I was a bit behind) but here are some of the August 2011 magazine covers! Hope you enjoy...

Tilda Swinton for W Magazine
Tilda is known for being "outside the box" when it comes to fashion/beauty,
but I love this look! Very David Bowie-esque which is always a good thing.

Claudia Shiffer for Vogue Germany
This cover is so gorgeous! I wish I could pull off an eye mask like this on the regular.
Just show up at work like - hey guys, like my eye mask? I wish.

Model (?) for Shape
Who is this? If it's a model, that's interesting considering celebrities have
seemingly taken over magazine covers as of late.

SJP for Vogue
Hmmm I find it funny that it's the "age" issue, yet SJP is photoshopped to hell.
Mixed messages for sure.

Olivia Wilde for Marie Claire
Oh this is just lovely. She is so gorgeous, and just kills it in this photo.
I love the minimal makeup, it lets her beauty speak for itself.
Love the red on her, and the side swept bangs are great. Well done!

Mila and Justin for Elle
Not so sure about this one guys. Mila rules, but she doesn't look great here.
Looks like her hair needs a serious comb through it...
Justin is rocking a seriously weird expression on his face too

Kim Kardashian for Cosmo
Again??? Think Cosmo needs to get some new cover girls in their rotation
She looks good, even though I kinda hate the dress

Katie Holmes for In Style
Wow! This is a pleasant surprise. Mrs. Tom Cruise is looking awesome
on the this cover! I like the dress, natural but pretty makeup, hair is flowy and pretty.

Jessica Alba for Allure
Eh. Two months in a row, Allure has underwhelmed me with their cover.
I wanted a crazy, creative, high-drama makeup cover!
Better luck next month I guess...

Heidi Klum for Glamour
Cute! I feel like she always looks great though. She is a model after all =)

Anne Hathaway for Bazaar
Don't hate it but don't love it either.
She has such a pretty smile, that would have made this cover better!

Michelle Williams for Glamour Germany
I love this! Colorful, fun, a little weird!
The lashes and lips are perfect for her, brava.

Emma Stone for Vanity Fair
God I love her. But her red lips are STARING at me. And not in a good way.
Love her hair, the bathing suit, the fact that she isn't overly bronzed.
But the lips. Why so harsh? Wahhhh

Drew Barrymore for Nylon
Oh. Wow.
I get Nylon's urge to be "unique" but this is just a freakin mess.

Miranda Kerr for Vogue Australia
Gorge! What a pretty dress, and pretty girl!
Ms. Orlando Bloom kills it on this cover

Christina Hendricks for Lucky
Whoa, curves! I think she looks great!
On the red carpet she usually has a bold color on
so this is a nice change up, especially with her hair color.

What's your favorite August cover?! Share!


  1. I'm really not a fan of the Tilda Swinton cover but I love Vogue and Elle's!

  2. I think these are fairly dull compared to last month's. I do like the Vogue cover though. Seems to be a theme with the red/dark pink outfits and/or magazine titles this month...xx

  3. I look forward to the magazine cover blog posts

  4. I love Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum, and Emma Stone's covers.
    Although, Emma looks extremely photoshopped it looks like they were trying to give her that Megan Fox type look (dark eyebrows, heavy makeup)
    Michelle Williams on the other hand is my FAVORITE! Awesome cover.

  5. thanks for all the comment love dolls! keep them coming =)

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  7. nice blog post :), I like In Style with Katie Holmes, she is looking so fresh :)

  8. I'm really not in love with the styling on Nylon!! I see what you mean by they want to be different but doesn't it seem like they are trying a bit too hard?
    I've got to say though I love this feature you do haha!!

    Love J.

  9. thanks dolls! it's a fun post to do, i'll probably keep it up every month if you guys like it! <3


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