Monday, June 13, 2011

Your Time is Up

Wonder when you should be throwing out your products? I did a Makeup Purge a few months ago (click here to read) and it felt so good to clean out all my stuff.

Each type of makeup item has its own lifespan, here is a helpful article from Allure that I came across on when to chuck old beauty products:


  1. We do hold on to makeup longer than we should huh, you have made me snap out of it and clean up my makeup drawer!

  2. oh me too doll! I've had some eye shadows for 3 gross right? might be time for another makeup purge! =)

  3. I think I have some stuff from years ago still that I haven't gotten around to cleaning out yet. I tend to hoard things a bit, so stuff really builds up after awhile >.<

  4. I agree. After I read this I got kinda freaked out. Half my makeup should probably be in the trash =(


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