Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Puff Puff...Pout

Some seriously glittery lippy


Nom nom nom

Bonnie Bell Kiss this Gloss

Peachy/pink sheer color

I picked up this gloss in Ulta I really need a reason? I'm an addict, it's what I do. This gloss is very glittery and punchy, and is very silky on lips...translation: this is not sticky AT ALL. Bonnie Bell has been around forever, and is usually associated with chapsticks and whatnot. I took a gamble on this item and it turned out nicely.

SUPER pout =)


  1. That gloss would look good with some of the summer bold eye colors .. Who needs a reason for glitter right lol xoxo I retweeted this post loves you and gloss xox

  2. thanks Tracey! Agreed, I didn't do my eyes last night so that's why the photos are just lips! =)loves you back


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