Thursday, June 2, 2011


Can't get enough lacquer

Happy Pink Feet!

Guess i'm having a pink moment, huh? Strange, considering my wardrobe consists of mainly black and i'm not really a cutesy pink kinda chick (not that there's anything wrong with that, I just prefer skulls over hearts ha!)

Anyway, this NARS nail lacquer in SCHIAP was given to me by my mother. Her skintone is a lot lighter than mine, and she said it was for her. I have more olive skin, so I think it works for me. Not sure if I would have picked this color out for myself, but now that I have it I don't mind it. I generally go for a darker pedicure color, like a blood red, but this is a nice change up for the summer months! =)

You guys like it?


  1. what a gorgeous colour i love it xx

  2. Super cute! It's so similar to the nail polish I'm currently rocking hehe :)


  3. Great color! Fuchsia! Hot pink! neon pink! I love it all although as a MUA I do tend to wear black even when I'm not freelancing. I cant help it I just love that color! Bright colors also work well when you colorblock them they make even more of a statement then using by themselves! I love it!

  4. @nora - thanks hun!

    @sherry blossom - that's a great tip, thanks! I love all the exclamation points! <3


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