Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MAC Viva Glam Campaigns Over the Years

The announcement that Johnny Weir will be the face of MAC's Holiday Campaign got me thinking of all the great celebrities that acted as spokes models for MAC's Viva Glam Campaign - which most of you know 100% (yes, 100%, ALL) proceeds go toward fighting AIDS. Here are some of my favorites from previous Viva Glam Campaigns!

Ru Paul
Think she was the first MAC girl for Viva Glam?
Either way, WORK those red boots!

Ohhh Xtina...from the Dirrrty days.
I miss those days.

Pam Anderson
This is certainly an eye-catching ad, huh? =)

Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper
I loved how MAC paired these 2 together
Old and new pop royalty coming together for a great cause
And the ad is just too cute!

Boy George
Giving his very best lippy for the camera
I love the contouring they did on his face!

Lady Gaga
Round 2! She was the first model to be used twice in the Viva Glam campaign,
since her first lipglass was so successful!

I love how they dressed her, she almost looks like a robot!

Dita Von Teese
No doubt she is beautiful.
I like that they photographed Dita in a burlesque pose, perfect!

A few of the Viva Glam shades that are sold in MAC Stores

Who's your favorite? =)


  1. Here I am! Thanks for leaving your link to my blog. I'm really liking it so I'm going to follow now. Keep in touch!

  2. RuPaul, Boy George and Pamela Anderson's ads are the shit!

  3. @ms. prettyful - thanks so much for following, you rock! glad you like it =)

    @nora - the Ru Paul one just cracks me up...it's just so good haha

    @jessica - it gets your attention right? I like it too

  4. I really want a makeover! Wish I lived closer! I love the xtina one I miss her dirty days!

  5. hahah you're so cute. I too miss the Dirrrty days!

  6. i love this post!! but seriously what is up with xtina and pam's eyebrows!!! they look so surprised lol

  7. @socialitedreams - the boots are what kills me! so fierce hahah

    @arabian eyes - thanks hun!! I know, the penciled eyebrows have to go, awful

  8. My favorite is Lady Gaga Round 2 : )

  9. I looooooove the Christina ad. I remember when I first saw it I had it everywhere: desktop background, phone background, taped on my wall =)
    This is the first I have seen the Dita Von Teese ad, it's gorgeous!
    New follower!

  10. Thanks for the comment and follow love!! I know right the Dita one is so cool! xoxo


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