Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lipstick Queen is KING




L to R: Chase, Genre, Crime

After reading about Lipstick Queen's Chinatown Gloss Pencils on Chelsea's blog Coffee with a side of Lipstick and a few others, I knew I needed to have one of my own.

Guys - this product is seriously amazing. No joke. It glides on so beautifully like a lip balm, but has gorgeous pigment and great staying power. When the weather is ungodly like it is in New York today, makeup usually melts right off and looks gross. This gloss pencil is just the right consistency - it's not drying, but it's not wet or watery either.

It reminds me of Clinique's Chubby Stick (click here for that review), except the Lipstick Queen is a lot more pigmented and lasts longer. I'm not saying I don't like the Chubby Stick anymore - I used mine yesterday - but it's a different type of product. I feel that the Chubby Stick is more beachy, i'm-not-wearing-makeup makeup, while the Lipstick Queen is more grown up and dressy.

Some shades of the Gloss Pencil are sold out online, so I bought mine at Henri Bendel in the city. It's $20, and comes with a sharpener which I think is a great idea. I love the funky packaging with block lettering too, very cute. I swatched 3 shades on my hand (see above photo) before deciding on Chase.

I can see this product being something that I will replace once I use it up. Anyone else have one?

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