Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lipgloss That Doesn't Stick to Your Hair...SERIOUSLY.

Girl Powder Active Lipgloss

Bubblegum, Pineapple, Strawberry

Pretty Swatches

The lovely people at Girl Powder were nice enough to send me these lipglosses to try. After talking to them via Twitter, I dug a little deeper to see what the Active Lipgloss "promised" me.

The website states that "it won't stick to you hair" while on lips. Now, I found this VERY hard to believe, considering every gloss sticks to hair. You know, you're walking along 5th Ave in New York, looking fly, and a gust of wind blows your hair onto your lips and BAM, goopy gross gloss all tangled in your hair. So not cute. I've been talking to my followers on Twitter, and one of the main concerns about gloss is the sticky factor.

I got my Girl Powder package in the mail and was so eager to try it. My first reaction was how pretty the colors were and the shimmery aspect of the formula. But all I REALLY cared about at that point was the sticky test. I tried the Strawberry gloss first - slopped it on my lips quickly then went outside on my balcony for the "hair test."

It passed.

I can't even explain it. I half expected my hair to get stuck to my lips. It didn't. And it is a lip GLOSS too, not a balm. Needless to say, I was delighted and surprised!

Aside from passing the sticky test, the scents of the 3 glosses are very punchy and fun. The gloss itself is on the sheer side, which is nice when you don't want a big, bold lip. I've also experimented with wearing a regular lipstick, then topping it off with the clear one (Pineapple). It makes a played out lipstick become alive again and look polished. I will definitely be bringing these glosses on my next beach trip, and next winter on my skiing trips!

Thanks again to Girl Powder for being so awesome! Click here to check out their site: Girl Powder

Makeup Majesty approved. xoxo


  1. I think so! On their website - http://girlpowder.myshopify.com/products/girl-powder-active-lip-gloss. They are based in Cali, so i'm not sure if they are in any stores out there. that is very far from me! =)

  2. Yes, our Active Lip Gloss is available exclusively right now at www.girlpowder.com! But we are currently looking for stores to carry us too! =) Please contact us at info@girlpowder.com if you have any questions! Have a great day! xoxo

  3. lip gloss that doesn't stick to your hair?? i have to try it!!

  4. They send out samples if you ask Nora! Just tweet them =)

  5. I love these glosses too they are awesome arent they?


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