Monday, June 6, 2011

Lickity Split Lime



I love this! This is my first Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish and I really like it. In a fit of rage, I ripped off all of my gel nails. One broke, so instead of just letting it be I took them all off, causing my nails to look like crap. To cover up the creases (even after I filed and buffed them they still have dents) I wanted an obnoxious nail polish as a distraction. My boyfriend's favorite color is green, so I wanted to do a neon/lime green polish - he loved it!

The Insta-Dri really does live up to its name - I have trouble not touching anything (texting, reading, etc) after I paint my nails, so a polish that dries fast is a must. It's weird having short nails again, but I think i'm going to give my nails a break and keep the gels off for a while.

You guys like the color? Does anyone else like Insta-Dri? Happy Makeup Monday! =)


  1. "obnoxious nail color as a distraction" HAHA x)

    It's a pretty cool color and your nails look good!


  2. Pretty nail color I think it would look neat black with crackle/shatter overtop :)

  3. thanks Amber, I should try that! =)


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