Monday, June 27, 2011

Laura Mercier Baked Eyeshadow

Laura Mercier Baked Eyeshadow in Black Karat

Oh so lovely...

Left side is the shadow dry, the right side is the shadow wet

Totally different look, right?

A bit blurry but I loved how it came out!

A sultry bathroom pose in the bar bathroom...classy huh? ha!

So I know i'm a bit late on this, but I finally bought a baked shadow from Laura Mercier. When this baked dry/wet shadow initially came out, it seemed like every company was coming out with a similar product, therefore turning me off to the idea of paying $22 for it. It's my first product from this brand and I have to say...I can't believe how nice it is!! The color is so pretty and smokey, and has gold flecks in it. I have hazel eyes, so it brings out the green in them.

I was shopping with my mom, and she picked up a Laura Mercier lipstick. While at the counter, I started playing with the baked shadows, prompting me to buy Black Karat. The color is so versatile, I've worn it dry to work with a bit of mascara and it didn't look overdone. I've also worn it wet while painting NYC red (as seen above) and I loved the sultry/smokey look. When wet, it almost looks like paint and has great color payoff. I used the shadow with a black liquid liner on the top lid, a black eye pencil on the bottom and tons of MAC mascara. It stayed on all night without bleeding, creasing, flaking, etc.

I always use Urban Decay Primer Potion before I do a heavy eye - it's a MUST if you want the color to stay in place for longer than 20 minutes, especially in the summer. This shadow might become my new go-to for smokey eyes!


  1. that's alot of $$$ for eyeshadow! I have one (khaki kraze) by Maybelline Eyestudio that is very similar, bit has two sides, one green, one gold & green. I've found that most all dry shadows can be used wet.

  2. @suzanne - yes, it totally is a lot for an eyeshadow I agree. but it's just sooo nice haha. never tried the Maybelline one, thanks for sharing!


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