Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Great Eye Liner Debate

Top, bottom, or both?


Just top lid

Just bottom (waterline)

Where do you stand?


  1. Top lid :) I have tried applying it to both and it just ends up looking a mess on me! :P xo

  2. BOTH! adds definition to your eye shape. girls that can't seem to get it right - try using a dark eyeshadow, smudged against your lower lash line to add the contrast.

  3. both....all of the above at times :)

  4. thanks for all the comment love!! I switch it up between all 3. This week i've been wearing top and bottom eyeliner - but using a liquid liner on the top and a pencil for the waterline.

    Thanks Suzanne, that's a good suggestion! =)

  5. Both.. i have to have a winged eye... please follow my page .. im ur new follower britters89.blogspot.com

  6. I loved winged eyes too! Wearing mine today. Now following you back! =)


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