Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eye Makeup Remover FAILURE


Goodbye, FOREVER

This Almay makeup remover seriously BURNED my eyes so badly! I usually use Neutrogena makeup remover, but this one was closer so I thought...oh, well all makeup removers are probably the same so what the hell, right? WRONG.

I used this to remove my mascara and shadow, and was unpleasantly surprised by an awful stinging in my eyes. I ended up having to flush my eyes out with water, but even then they were beat red!! I don't have super sensitive eyes usually, but this one really got to me. I do hate writing negative reviews, but this remover just KILLED my eyes. I used it once and there it is in the trash can haha.

Guess i'll still to Neutrogena...

What makeup remover do you guys like?


  1. HAHAHA even though this is a negative review/post I love it! You're so funny hahaha.

  2. Nora I knew you'd "like" this post hahah!

  3. hahah thanks. I just want everyone to be aware before they go out and buy it!


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