Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Break Out Your Boombox...

A ridiculously 80's makeup post. I was born in the eighties, so I was unfortunately too young for cobalt blue eye shadow and teased hair. My version of the 80's was Nickelodeon, fuzzy stickers and Nintendo. I was in awe of the painted eyes and lips of women in my family and wondered if I too would one day look like that. I was fascinated by the colorful makeup, and can only look back on some of it and laugh at how ridiculous it looked. In honor of the 80's, here are some of my favorite (and funniest) makeup looks:

I love this album. The eyes not so much haha

I actually wish that I could pull off blue eye shadow like this.

80's glory. Candy lips and rainbow eye shadow. Woof.

Oh, Madonna. The hair..

Cyndi Lauper in some seriously 80's eye makeup

Motley Crue
Favorite band. They can do no wrong. Even dressing in metal drag.

Remember when Brooke Shields looked like this?


So pretty and so tacky all at once.

Billy Idol is the man!
Guess he is not makeup related but he is definitely 80's related

What's your favorite 80's memory? Share, I love reading what you guys think!


  1. I totally dig the peacock eyeshadow. It makes me smile :-)

  2. thank you for stopping by my blog and posting that nice comment :) I am loving the 80's tacky colorful eyeshadow! If I could only go to an 80's theme party I will definitely rock these looks heheheheh! Your blog is awesome so I am following ^_^

  3. @coco J - isn't it crazy?! =)

    @beauty-holic - thanks so much how sweet!! I know, I think these should be reserved for theme parties only haha

  4. god i love all things 80s. big hair, bright makeup, clearly the time when i should have had my 20s, not this incredibly boring time of straight flat hair and neutral makeup (barrrrf)

  5. hahaha yes I totally agree! I love the fact that everyone didn't care and wore what they wanted. awesome!

  6. thank u for follow me!! i follow u too love your blog!!!

  7. WOW Brooke's foundation is so much lighter than her neck!

  8. Debbie Harry's makeup looks really cool. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am your new follower.
    Ask Erena

  9. I am definitely an 80s baby! Although it was over long before I even hit kindergarten but the energy of that time was infectious as well as the fashion. I love HIGH waisted pieces and platform shoes!

  10. @brenda - thanks so much for following!!!

    @jessica - I know right. I feel like her eyebrows weren't plucked either? yikes.

    @Erena- thanks for following! I lovvve Blondie

    @Sherry - Totally agree! I forgot about the shoes! =)

  11. I was a little girl during that time. I did have a very super cool teen cousin. Who had crazy eye shadow the sweetest pink winged nikes you ever saw in your life xoxo


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